My Story

My name is Acquaviva D’Aragona, with a capital “D”. I’ don’t have blue blood running through my veins and I’m no relation to the Acquaviva d’Aragona family. Ever since I was a little girl, everyone has always called me Ada.
Because my father was fascinated by the history of the Kingdom of Naples and that of the seven largest noble families, he chose a name for me that embodied strength and elegance at the same time.  This is the reason why I wanted my brand to have my name, to give all women strength and elegance through my creations.


I always knew I would work in fashion. When I was five and my friends were playing with dolls, I was pulling out dresses, bags, shoes and accessories and pretending to organize fashion shows. My mum always tells the story of my imaginary customers, noble and mysterious ladies who came from far away to get fashion advice from me and to create beautiful outfits.
This is where my professional roots lie – in my name and in a family with the passion for creativity, fashion and style.


High Fashion

The history of Neapolitan High Fashion unravels in the fabric of time, and centuries of art and magic run through this woven knotted thread. Even today, the style of Naples, Positano and Capri is like a mermaid’s song, casting its spell and attracting enthusiasts like myself from all over the world

I wanted, more than anything, to work with a Neapolitan atelier because this is the home of the producers of swimwear. Only a traditional atelier guarantees the uniqueness of the item and transmits the magic of the highly experienced people who follow the model from the beginning to the end, from the prototype to the final product.

This is the only way I can introduce you to the real “made in Italy”, the ultimate custom-made product.